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My name is Freda & I create out of necessity. My goal is to not only share what I make, but to also share skills. I want to see my designs out in the wild & you can help me do this!

Hi there, hello!

Want to see my jewelry in person? Try things on? I have several events booked for December!

I am passionate about music, writing, performance, pets, and FASHION. I've been building a lil jewelry practice, designing & hand-making luxe fiber and mixed media statement accessories.

Get a sweet lil discount code even.

Are you a true patron of the arts?! Then you'll understand how much goes into living a life of creation. While you'll certainly find plenty of new stuff here moving into the new year, I'll be producing unique content just for patrons of my Patreon. It's a platform connecting artists with their fans via subscription.


When I reach my first goal I will begin teach jewelry, as well as other crafts, fashion tips, and other random things you won't find anywhere else from me. Subscriptions start at $3/month and show that you care about the livelihood of this artist.

Right now, this whole operation is me, myself, and y'know, me. Every now and then some kind soul helps me with small tasks but nothing at all regularly. I have a completely unrelated day job! If you are curious about all of my other things, wanna look at even more selfies, cats, dogs, memes, find my around the social medias. 

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Based in Baltimore, Maryland.

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