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Projects in the works!

I have a goal this week of prototyping two new designs, and I'll be posting frequent updates for patrons on Patreon. I've got the first update up, complete with a teaser photo!

While so focus on designing, I will also be making a big push to redesign the website, and restructure the shop a little bit. Because creating new work is what I thrive on, I want to create a work flow where I document each design well, and make items to order. It's been ineffective for me to create each design in each palette, so I will showcase the color options with something simple, like an Itty Bitty Ring (I'll show you what that is soon!). Since it's just me making everything, my offerings are small batch. This will also make it easier for me to wholesale!

Anyway, here's a little picture of a little bow that is an example of a freebie patrons of a certain level can get in the mail:

My messy hair with a little crochet bow barrette.

I'm bogged down by experiments of the past and will passing them along over time!

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