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Website Redesign

All the moving parts are coming together, so I'm happy to announce a launch date for my brand new website - September 5th! I've been hard working in my spare moments to clean up my site's appearance and structure.

The shop will be filled with ALL of my current offerings, not just a handful of pieces - that to be honest, have usually been what's left after a sale somewhere. It'll be easier to stay up-to-date through my page, too. Easy to find links to my social media with embedded feeds in case you want to stick around for a bit.

Even though the average bear isn't thinking about the holidays yet, the season started for me at the beginning of the month; for me, that's sooner than I've started in years past... but for others it's still a late start! I'm happy to report that I'm invigorated to take the next steps to be placed in more shops this fall and winter, and the new shiny website will be a boon BECAUSE I will have a wholesale shop that buyers can access online.

So although I haven't been faithfully posting here every week, I'm well on the way to having all the pieces fit together. I'm grateful for everyone that checks in on me, reads my newsletters, follows on Instagram, etc., and meanders through the process with me. I feel that I'm becoming more skilled in organizing the little life I want using the resources I have. I'm heartened that by just doing the next thing that I am capable of, I've found that I can take more steps to get closer to goals that seemed too lofty not that long ago.

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Be sure to come on September 5th to see the brand new site!

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